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Sky-spittle (literally Rain)


  • Tefnut is generally depicted as a woman, with the head of a lioness. She wears a solar disk and is often portrayed enthroned.
  • Tefnut can also be portrayed fully human
  • Or as a uraeus serpent.
  • Or as a uraeus serpent, with the head of a lioness

It can be difficult to tell apart Tefnut from Sekhmet. The ears of Tefnut are generally pointed, whereas the ears of Sekhmet are often rounded.



  • Shu - Her Brother and Husband



Tefnut is sometimes equated with Nit and Nut, and is depicted in New Kingdom jewelry and art as a female sphinx trampling the enemies of the Two Lands, equated with the Great Royal Wife of the king. [1]

Worship Centers

Creation Story

  • In one creation myth, she was formed when Atum spat her out.
  • In another myth, Shu and Tefnut were created in the form of two lion cubs


According to legend, Shu and Tefnut went out into the Nun. Their father, Ra, thought that he had lost them and sent his eye to find them. When they returned Ra was so happy that he wept, and his tears formed the first human beings.

In a myth describing the terrible weather disaster at the end of the Old Kingdom (which was responsible for the end of the Old Kingdom), it was said that Tefnut and Shu once argued, and she left Egypt. The myth states that Shu quickly decided he missed her, but she fled to Nubia (somewhere much more temperate), and changed into a cat (symbolic of war), destroying any man or god that approached. Djehuty, disguised, eventually succeeds in convincing her to return.

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